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Poultry Feed Supplement

Anfotal Nutrition (Manufacturer)

All poultry birds whether they are broiler, layers or breeders need to receive all kinds of nutrients in their feed to maintain health and production for a profitable poultry farming. A wide variety of feed ingredients are available for the poultry and the nutrient requirement to them are well understood. Feed for poultry generally consists of cereal grains like corn, wheat, barley, etc. The feed includes trace minerals, vitamins, microminerals such as calcium, iron, potassium that are responsible for improving their nutritiousness and health. The quality of the feed and the nutritional value also depends on many factors including feed presentation, microbial contamination, the content of antinutritional factors, digestibility and gut or intestinal healthfulness. For this, there are a variety of poultry feed supplement and additives are available to deal with these issues.

The use of poultry feed additive or supplement along with the poultry feed is to improve the efficiency of the poultry bird's growth, its egg-laying capacity, prevention from diseases and improving the feed utilization. Common poultry feed supplements used in poultry feed are growth promoter, iron tonic, calcium tonic, liver tonic and in feed additives include antimicrobials, antioxidants, emulsifiers, toxin binder, and poultry feed enzyme The main aim of using these supplement or additives is to enhance their value for human consumption, but the main is to accomplish this by using natural ingredients that contains significant levels of nutrients that can be deposited directly into the meat and eggs of poultry.

Growth Promoter Feed Supplement:

In the poultry industry, the use of antibiotics and growth hormones are not used. The efficient growth and egg productivity in commercial poultry can be achieved by using supplement or additives which enhance health naturally and provide improved nutrition and management. The use of antibiotics or hormones in poultry negatively affect the human body who consumes these types of egg or meat.


The use of antimicrobials has been extensively used in poultry farming to minimize the growth of poultry diseases and improve feed utilization and growth. Excess use of antimicrobials in poultry feed and diets develop strains to the resistance of microbes that directly affect human health. With the use of toxin binder instead of antimicrobial provides significant result and shields the body of poultry from different microbes, pathogens which cause diseases and has minimal effect on human health.

Feed Enzymes:

Enzymes are proteins that facilitate the chemical reaction in the body. Enzymes are secreted in the gut of poultry but they are not necessarily able to produce all kinds of enzymes in sufficient quantities or they may not produce in the right time to facilitates absorption of all nutrients of the feed which cause antinutritional factor that limits digestion. In this case, there is a need for poultry feed enzymes which can provide enzymes to the body for better metabolic activities and facilitates the faster breakdown of the feed for better digestion and health.


Poultry feed acidifiers are added to the feed to lower the pH. A low pH has the potential to inhibit the growth of pathogens and gut/intestinal microbes. Use of feed acidifiers help in removing the microbes from the gut and facilitates better growth and health of the body.


Probiotics are defined as live microorganism which is non-pathogenic, resistance to gastric and when gets inside the body it beneficially improves the characteristic of the intestinal microbiota. The main function of the poultry feed probiotics includes antagonistic action towards pathogens and inhibit their development and competitive expulsion from the digestive tract. It helps in stimulating the growth or activity of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and galactooligosaccharides (GOS) is commonly used in poultry.

Toxin Binders:

The cereals which are used as poultry feed are subjected to the growth of mold. These molds grow due to poor handling and processing. Mold inhibitors are used to remove the toxins which prevent mould growth but they are not significantly effective. These toxins are poisonous chemicals which affect the health of poultry. These we use poultry toxin binder with the feed which helps in removing all kinds of toxins from the feed and prevent them from being absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream.

With the use of these above feed supplement and additives, we can significantly increase and improve the health condition of our poultry birds for better and profitable poultry farming. The health is the main concern in poultry as with any climate change can affect their health and the metabolic process of their body starts changing. In this situation, the supplement helps us. It helps in nourishing the body in changing climate and maintain the health of the body. Broiler and layers are two types of poultry birds which are mainly farmed. Broiler bird is farmed for their meat and layer are farmed for their eggs. The broiler feed additives ensure rapid growth in broilers and the broiler feed formulation consists of broiler premixes; complete feed concentrate which provides a well-balanced nutritional level in the body. The same condition occurs in layers birds where we use layer feed additives which enhance the production of egg and the layer feed formulation ensures production of quality egg with smooth and hard eggshells. Prevent the production of weak egg shell, uneven or broken egg and egg size problems. You can get all kinds of poultry feed additives and supplement from Anfotal Nutrition, a market-leading poultry feed supplement manufacturer in India. Here you can get nearly all kinds of supplement and additives that are essentially needed in poultry farming. Trace minerals, broiler feed formulation, layer premix, egg enhancer supplement, toxin binder, growth promoter, liver tonic, kidney medicine, poultry calcium tonic are some of the important supplement which are used. There are many available products in the market but they lack specific targeting to the common problems. The supplement that are manufactured at Anfotal Nutrition passes through different quality test before being used and are highly targeted and effective towards the problem for which they are used.

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