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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Moheswar Basumatary
I need this product
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Good Products For Poultry
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this product is very nice

Poultry Selenium Tonic

Sometimes maintaining the health of breeders can be a daunting task which requires special care and attention. Common ailments can take the shape of harmful diseases such as internal parasites, respiratory issues, or the Avian flu. Several factors govern the immune response including, age, genetic factors, inflammatory conditions, gut health, or poor environment. Some of those things we cannot change, but we can certainly help with high-quality, beneficial food and supplements. The immune system of your breeder must be in great shape to efficiently combat the disease-causing germs and organisms. Herbs can restrict the growth of these diseases. However, it does not necessarily provide overall protection. How can you offer that extra bit of protection to your breeders? That's where Seletonic steps in. Seletonic is an essential and recommended supplement which consists of vitamin E and Selenium. Selenium is a vital poultry feed additive that also works as an immunity booster. It is a combination of various beneficial elements such as Vitamin E, selenium, and Biotin that significantly improves immunity and boosts health and growth. The immune system is an integral part of the body. It regulates metabolism and safeguards the body against external attacks of diseases. That's why better immunity is conducive to better health. A proper feed intake which contains all the nutrients is necessary to maintain the immunity. Seletonic is a recommended immunity booster with the added power of vitamins. It does not have harmful side-effects. It is beneficial for health, and its benefits are as below.

  1. Selenium enhances immunity in poultry. .
  2. It gives strength and vitality to poultry birds. .
  3. It is an effective anti-stress medicine. .
  4. It prevents the infestation of parasites in the breeders' intestines. .
  5. It significantly improves overall performance and production. .
Usage & Administration
For Breeder
    3ml-5ml .