Poultry Toxin Binder
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Poultry Toxin Binder

Mycotoxins are toxic substances that are formed on the feed and water and synthesize by different variety of fungal species. Moisture, temperature, oxygenation and humidity are some of the suitable condition for their growth. There are variety of toxins but the most common mycotoxin which is found in the poultry feed is Aflatoxin (AFs) and it spread rapidly and has more toxic effect on the body. The feed which is contaminated with AFs cause reduction in feed intake and reduced the efficiency of the body either through poor conversion of nutrients. In poultry the Aflatoxicosis causes listlessness, anorexia with low growth rate, poor feed utilization, decreases production of egg and increases mortality ratio. Additionally, some other problems which are caused due to AFs are anemia, low immunity, hepatotoxicosis, hemorrhages. teratogenesis, carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

The problems associated with aflatoxicosis is not easy and it require a constant attention throughout the entire process of harvesting, shipping, storing, feed manufacturing and formulation. A complete avoidance of toxins is impossible and each and every feed is nearly affected due to toxins as there are 300-400 kinds of toxins known in this poultry farming. The analysis of the feed is an important step in controlling the toxic effect of the mycotoxin. Detoxification is used to remove this as it consists of neutralization, elimination to remove the toxic effect. One of the major steps in the prevention of mycotoxin is to use non nutritional absorbent in the poultry feed commonly known as toxin binder that binds the mycotoxin in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces their bioavailability. These binding agents do not undergo any changes in the digestive system and when it is used along with the feed it prevents the toxin from getting absorbed in the digestive system and prevents the generation of toxin effect on poultry products (egg/meat).

Effect of Mycotoxin:
  1. Reduction in feed intake causing malnutrition.
  2. Reduced nutritional value in the body.
  3. Immunosuppression
  4. Cellular Death
There we use “Protox” a reliable poultry toxin binder which helps in binding the harmful toxins from the feed. These binders are complex indigestible carbohydrates and synthetic polymer which can absorb the mycotoxin. It is a stabilized combination of MOS, Bacillus Subtills, Liver extracts, Activated charcoal which binds the toxin and the properties of toxins like polarity, solubility, form and size.
Benefits of Protox:
  1. Manages the toxins to control broad spectrum of moulds and toxins present in feed.
  2. High Efficacy towards polar and non-polar mycotoxins.
  3. Effectively prevents the growth of moulds in the feed.
  4. Improves liver function and prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  5. Controls excess moisture in feed and removes bad bacteria.
Usage & Administration
    Regular Use: - 500gm-1kg/ton of feed.
    Treatment Use: - 2kg/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.