Poultry Water Sanitizer
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry Gut Medicines

The role of Anfacid is to maintain the overall gut health which improves the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients that are needed for optimal production in broiler chickens. With the poor quality of water and feed, it is necessary to provide medicinesand supplements which influence the gut and improve its performance which ensures that they stay healthy and can provide the poultry farm owner with good profits. For getting optimum productivity it is necessary to maintain the organ function which boost metabolism. With the use of adequate and effective medicine as Anfacid, there is a marked increase in terms of production, quality and quantity. Anfacidhelps in removing pathogens from broiler feed and thus helps in the overall growth and work as poultry feed acidifier.

Benefits of Anfacid:
  1. Controls toxins and other effluents in water feed. .
  2. Controls pathogenic gut bacteria .
  3. Maintains pH balance of water. .
  4. Stimulates liver metabolism. .
  5. Improves broiler quality .
  6. Increases survivability rates
Poultry Gut Medicine
Anfavit liquid is exclusively organic-based essential poultry feed supplement along with the added advantage of fortified vitamins. It has no side effect on the chicken and naturally boosts the overall health and development. It also boosts the immunity of the chicken to various diseases especially CRD It consists of an organic mix of herbs namely berberis aristata, Vitis vinifera, and origanum Vulgare and Olea Europea along with added benefits of fortified vitamins. This particular medicine, because of added antibiotics, increases the resistance of the broiler variety of chicken to the various infectious bacteria and diseases. We can also use poultry feed enzymes that helps in better digestion of the feed and the probiotics helps in removing bad bacteria colonies and promote growth of good bacteria.
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
Through Drinking Water
    Regular use: 1ml/10Litre of Water.
    Treatment: 1ml/5Litre of Water .
Through Feed

    250ml-500ml/M.T of feed continuously .