Poultry Toxin Binder
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Broiler Liver Stimulant Medicine

The ever-rising demand for chicken meat has put a huge pressure on the poultry farm owners. To cater to this demand, they tend to use inferior means of feed as well as water supply. This reduction and contamination of water lead to the presence and production of moulds and toxins in the water. This tends to retard in growth of the bird as well as reduce their output. It destroys the nutrients in the feed and affects the health of organs, which ultimately leads to poor health. To counter this situation, toxin binders are used which remove all toxins and moulds present in feed and water, which leads to better health and balances the pH of water. It improves the metabolism of the liver, thus improving liver health, which improves the functioning of the body. With the feed as well as water supply being introduced to damp and unhygienic conditions, it leads to the formation of toxins and moulds. This, when given to the birds, tends to very harmful to their health, and for the production to counter this problem, we need toxin binders which are typically used to bind the toxins as well as stop the production of moulds.

Use of Anfacid

Anfacid is an essential toxin binder which consist of essential element which are very effective towards toxins. Some of the major composition is MOS, Bacillus Subtilis, Propionic acid, Benzoic acid and other essential elements which help in binding the toxins and moulds which tend to endanger both the feed and the water supply. It helps in improving the health of the liver which tends to stimulates and metabolize different function of the body which helps in increasing the health of body. When a broiler is affected by toxin there is low availability of nutrients in the body which can be recovered by using mineral mixture .

  1. Binds the harmful toxins
  2. Controls pathogenic bacteria in the gut .
  3. Controls pH of water .
  4. Stimulates liver for better digestions and absorption of feed Nutritions .
  5. Improves renal functions .
  6. Purifies the blood.
Usage & Administration
For Broilers Through Drinking Water
    Regular use: 1ml/10Litre of Water .
    Treatment: 1ml/5Litre of Water .
Through Feed
    250ml-500ml/M.T of feed continuously .