Broiler Growth Medicine
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Broiler Growth Medicine

Growth is an important factor in poultry farming which decides the amount of revenue and profits. In the past decade the growth of commercial broiler farming is increases as they are farmed for their meat. Better nutritional value contributes improved growth and feed conversion ratio. These nutritional values are achieved by the feed which they take. Any deficiency in the consumption of the feed or the feed fails in providing the desired nutritional value leads to improper health and growth.
In this situation there is a need of external broiler growth promoter medicine that helps in providing the desired nutritional value to them and promotes a better growth. “Anfagrow Dx” is one of the poultry feed additives that is given along with the feed which helps in better growth. It is composed of proteins, vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids which aids in better growth.

  1. Removes Vitamin Deficiency .
  2. Removes Malnutrition’s
  3. Reduces Mortality Ratio .
  4. Increase better growth and body weight .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry Birds .
    Through Feed: 500gm/ton of feed.
    Through Water: Mix 1.5Kg of Anfagrow Dx in 4.2 Litres of Drinking water to make it 5 Litre of Anfagrow Liquid.
    Reconstituted Liquid: 30ml/100 Birds
    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .