Layer Gout Medicine
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Layer Gout Medicine

Kidney is an important organ which plays a major role in the overall health and growth of the body of poultry layer birds. This vital organ helps in filtering out the toxin that are present in the blood and removes all its impurities. It functions all the time and maintains the health of the body. But sometime the blood many contains such toxins that affects the function and health of this organs. These are mainly stones or crystals that are end products of the proteins and other elements that are vital for the body. These stones or crystals are breakdown by the enzymes secreted from the body and are excreted out from the body by filtering process. In this the Uric acid is the main as it is insoluble in water and when the body of birds are unable to breakdown this uric acid, it starts accumulating in the kidney in the form of stones preventing the normal functioning of the kidney and affects the overall health of the body. In this situation there is need to first breakdown the accumulated stones with the help of medicines. “Urocid” is the gout medicines for layers which aids in the breakdown of the accumulated stones in the kidney as it is composed of sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium chloride, Vitamin C, citosodine and halite which are the important elements which aids better breakdown of Uricase and promotes health of kidney and overall body health. Along with improving health of the kidney we also have to improve the health and functioning of the liver as the liver is the main organ for digestion, metabolic activity and stimulation of organs. It is the place where the first proteins are breakdown. For this we can use poultry liver tonic which improves the better working of the liver and prevents from fatty liver syndrome.
  1. Eliminates the acidic nature of urine and helps in breakdown of Uricase, stones or crystal and prevents renal mass function.
  2. Prevents accumulation of urine and haemorrhages in real microlesion, thus preventing the visceral and articular gout.
  3. Relief from inflammation of renal which is caused due to toxins and other harmful substances.
  4. Cures digestive abnormalities and dysfunction.
  5. Prevent and control Nephrosis.
  6. Helps in overcoming from stressful situation and boost normal functioning of kidney.
Method of Use
For Prevention of Gout (100 Birds)
    Layers: - 5ml-10ml for 5 days.
For Control & Treatment of Gout
    Layers: - 20mll for 5 days.
    Mild Infection: 1ml-2ml/7kg of bird weight.
    Severe Infection: 1ml-2ml/5Kg of Bird Weight.