Broiler Electrolytes Supplement
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry Electrolytes For Broilers

The role of electrolyte in broiler farming is very essential as it provides electrolytes and other essential elements to the body for better health and protection from heat stress. During high ambient temperature with high humidity can be devastating to broilers and its farming. Excess health beyond the limit interferes the health and suppresses the production efficiency of the broilers. It is seen that increased temperature is a serious problem in broilers which causes increased mortality rate, slow growth, reduction in feed intake. As, the temperature increases the birds start to pant in order to get rid out heat load by the process of evaporation or sweating. Evaporation is the most common mechanism of poultry which manages and control body temperature under heat stress condition. With increase in panting it is accomplished with increased rate in respiration rates which causes higher losses of Co2 that leads to increased blood pH and disruption of acid-base balance. Moreover, with heat stress in poultry the broilers lose more water from the body and electrolytes from the body. A decreased level of water results in reduced ability to dissipate heat via evaporation. The water retention in the body is reduced due to the increased expulsion of electrolytes from the body by sweating or via feces. There we need electrolyte supplement which helps in maintaining the lost electrolyte from the body. In general, the electrolytes are chemical substances which when dissolved in fluids releases electrolytesThese electrolyte are charged particle capable of conducting electric currents for better function of nerves and tissues. The positively charges electrolytes in the body fluid’s are sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium. The major negatively charged electrolytes are chloride, phosphate, sulphate, bicarbonate etc.

There we use “Electro cool” an essential electrolyte for broilers which contains all essential elements that are needed in case of stroke and stress. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, Magnesium, Dextrose etc for better electrolyte balance in the body. Other than this we use trace mineral supplement along with this to provide mineral to the body that helps in better growth and fruitful body.

  1. Maintains electrolytes balance in the body by the process of neutralization .
  2. Act as an adjuvant and supportive therapy during antibiotic treatment. .
  3. Rehydrates the body during summer .
  4. An ideal Immunity Booster .
  5. Prevent Rehydration .
  6. Energizes the body .
  7. Maintains the calcium-magnesium level .
  8. Decreases mortality rate due to heat stress.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    2gm-5gm in 5Lts. Of drinking water or 200gm/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants .