Broiler Feed Enzymes
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Broiler Feed Enzymes

In poultry farming the biggest single expense is the poultryfeed and they account for up to 70% of total cost of production. Feeding enzymes to the poultry is one of the major nutritional advances in poultry farming. It is essentially used as the poultry birds cannot produce all kinds of enzymes that are needed for the breakdown of different kind of poultry feed. Feed contains plant products like wheat, barley, corm etc. which contains some compounds that are difficult to digest and causes hinderance to the digestive system. It is advisable to identify the indigestible compounds and feed them with the suitable enzymes. In poultry industry poultry feed enzymes are widely accepted as standard dietary content especially when it comes to the consumption of cereals like wheat and barley-based rations. The enzymes have the characteristic to accelerate and catalyze the reaction rate. They involve in all anabolic and catabolic pathways of digestion and metabolic activity. Enzymes are non-living organism and are not concerned about viability or infection. It is seemed that the use of poultry feed enzymes helps in improving low feed efficiency and the negative effect of NSP’s, decreases intestinal viscosity and eventually improve the digestibility of nutrients by improving the performance of the gut. There are some of the important feed enzymes that are essentially needed in poultry farming which include cellulase (ß-glucanases), xylanases and associated enzymes, phytases, proteases, lipases, and galactosidases.

Enzymes Substrate ß-glucanasesBarley Oats
Xylanases Wheat, Rye,Triticale Rice bran
ß-galactosidases Grain legumes Lupins
Phytases Plant feedstuffs
Proteases Proteins
Lipases Lipids
Amylases Starch

Using enzymes along with the feed helps in reducing digesta viscosity, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, improved metabolic rates. For this we use Anfazyme Premium a widely used and effective poultry feed enzymes which contains all the essential enzymes with probiotics that help in better digestion of the feed and the probiotics available in it inhibits the growth of pathogens and harmful bacteria in the gut for better digestion and health.

Benefits of Anfazyme Premium:
  1. Provides flexibility in the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed.
  2. Improves feed efficiency..
  3. Improves flock and production uniformity. .
  4. Improves litter quality .
  5. Reduces sticky and loose droppings .
  6. Controls risks of dirty eggs, breast blisters etc.
  7. Improves FCR and Growth
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Broilers: - 350gm-500gm/ton of feed