Poultry Water Sanitizer
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Poultry Water Sanitizer

Water is an essential element which is important for the proper functioning and stimulation of different organs for maintaining a healthy body. There are great health benefits that are associated with drinking clean and sanitized water. Water helps in regulating the temperature of the body and the blood circulation. Better digestion of feed and absorption of feed nutrients promotes better health. The main supply of water is underground water, municipal water, and to a certain extent, surface or rainwater. Irrespective of the source of water, it must always be free from disease-causing pathogens and microbes to ensure better health and growth. Water sanitizers are very important for better digestion and a healthy gut. This significantly aids in increasing the absorption of essential nutrients that enhance health.

Usually, most toxins are mould and fungus that grow on the feed and contaminate water due to improper storage. Poultry toxin binder is necessary to remove these toxins, which is done by binding the toxins from the feed. Anfacid, a mixture of Copper Sulphate, Propionic acid, Phosphoric acid,choline chloride with other essential element act asa vital drinking water sanitizer and toxin binder which is used to remove toxins and prevents their growth. It also works as feed acidifier which lowers the pH level in the blood and maintain a sound health for a profitable farming.
  1. Binds the toxins and mould in the feed & water .
  2. Controls Pathogenic bacteria in the Gut .
  3. Controls pH of water .
  4. Stimulates liver for better digestions and absorption of feed Nutritions .
  5. Improves renal functions .
  6. Purifies the blood.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    In Drinking Water 1ml/Litres of water 5-7 days each month .
    In Feed 250ml-500ml/metric ton of feed .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .

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