Poultry Vitamin B Complex
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Poultry Vitamin B Complex(Turkey Vitamin B Complex)

In poultry farming feeding the chicken with feed in order to get results in the form of eggs and meat requires adequate knowledge of nutrition of the feed and the nutrient requirement of the body. Vitamin deficiencies are the most commonly occurs when the feed doesn’t contain proper nutrition or there is lack of vitamin premix in the feed. Multiple sign can be seen with the vitamin deficiency but the sign of Vitamin B deficiency appears first.

To overcome from the vitamin deficiency there is treatment which includes external supplementation of vitamin. Use of “Anfaplex” which is a Vitamin B complex supplement that contains all kind of vitamin b complex with other essential elements like Niacin, Folic acid, Choline Chloride etc. which improves the health and growth of the body and removes all kind of vitamin deficiency from the body.

  1. Effective prevention against perosis muscular dystrophy. .
  2. Increase General Health. .
  3. Give relief from all kind of stress.
  4. Better Egg Production and body weight.
Usage & Administration
For Turkey Birds
    30ml/50 birds.

    Or, as directed by Veterinarian consultant.

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