Trace Minerals
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Trace Minerals

According to a research it has been found that the feed quality has gone down in terms of the presence of added nutrients in it. There is explicitly a marked deficiency of some trace minerals which are very important for Turkey health. This leads to various deficiencies in Turkey birds and increases their susceptibility to diseases of multiple types. If the diet of the turkey is poor in terms of quantity and quality of vitamins present in the fed the turkey development may be arrested.

Need for Turkey Trace Mineral

With a never seen surge in exotic demand of the turkey meat as the turkey can’t be kept on an ordinary diet. This under ordinary conditions may lead to inadequate feed quality under unethical means to boost production. For this reason, they need to be provided with high class and ethical supplements which enhance their overall health as well as improve the production. It contains calavian forte a chelated organic calcium supplement which helps in keeping birds healthy where the top quality blend mixture of both organic as well as inorganic minerals.

Anfaboost ATM Pro

Anfaboost is an exclusive mixture of world-class inorganic as well as organic minerals supplements in terms of poultry feed supplement along with the added advantage of fortified vitamins. It is composed of a high class of vitamins mixed in the right quantity to provide proper growth as well as good production. It is no side effects on the turkey and naturally boosts the supply and the overall health and development. Along with added benefits of fortified vitamins. The perfect vitamin supplement to boost the turkey produces quality.

  1. Reduce Mortality in early chicks .
  2. Promotes folk’s uniformity .
  3. Enhances immunity .
  4. Help in recovering from disease.
  5. Increase bone strength .
  6. Increases Structural Integrity.
  7. Better Growth and FCR .
Usage & Administration
For Turkey Birds
    1kg/Ton of Feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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