Turkey Liver Supplement
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Turkey Liver Supplement

Liver an essential and the busiest organ in the body whose main function involves detoxification and metabolism and utilization of feed nutrients for better health and body growth. This vital organ helps in constituting the life system of turkey birds. During this whole process, it suffers different types of stress and harmful chemical toxins which negatively affects its overall functionality which may lead to lower feed consumption and health. It carries out a large number of important digestive, metabolic and excretory activities which all together plays an important role in health and productivity. Some of the major activities are detoxification of harmful chemical toxins from the body, metabolism of proteins, vitamins, fat, iron, carbohydrates into smaller compounds which can be easily transmitted to different cells and tissue via blood which promotes health. For this, there is a need for proper supplementation of feed and nutrients that help in the proper function of the liver.
Along with the feed, we should use “Anfahep” a vital liver supplement which helps in providing the desired nutritional value to the liver and also aid in better function. It is a stabilized combination of choline chloride, L-lysine, Inositol, Vitamin-E for better results.

  1. Helps in the prevention of liver diseases .
  2. Helps in regenerating damaged hepatocytes .
  3. Improves liver function.
  4. Improves health and growth.
  5. Increase FCR and feed efficiency.
Usage & Administration
For Turkey
    Regular use: 500gm/ton of feed.
    Treatment Use: 1kg/ton of feed for 7 days.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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