Turkey Electrolyte Supplement
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Turkey Electrolyte Supplement

Destrolyte is an essential electrolyte supplement for poultry birds & Turkeys which is composed of various elements like sodium, calcium, vitamins, potassium with many other vital nutrients which gives strength to body and maintains electrolyte balance in the body. It helps in better health and growth of the body and helps in faster recovery of lost nutrients from the body which is caused due to stress and heat.

With excess loss of electrolyte from the body, the body become weak and more prone to attacks of external pathogens which invade the body. The immunity also becomes low during the excess loss of electrolytes. In this situation there we need extra supplementation of electrolytes which can help in balancing the electrolyte balance in the body and protect the body from negative effect and heat stress. “Destrolyte” is one of the most common electrolyte supplements which we can use in this situation. This feed additive contains sodium chloride, Calcium, potassium, Magnesium with other essential nutrients that is helpful in providing relief from heat stress and loss of electrolytes. We can also use trace mineral supplement which provides different mineral to the body for better metabolic activity of the organs for better health and development of the body.

Benefits Of Destrolyte:
  1. Helpful in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body .
  2. Maintains the pH level of the blood .
  3. Works as an supportive therapy during antibiotic treatment.
  4. Rehydrates the body with electrolyte during heat stress condition
  5. Work as heat stress reliver.
Usage & Administration
For Turkey
    1Kg/Ton of Feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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