Quail Toxin Binder
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Quail Toxin Binder

Anfacid, an imperative water sanitizer and disinfectant for poultry which cleans the water and expels the abundance toxins and other harmful microscopic organisms from drinking water. It additionally sanitizes and maintains the pH of drinking water. It can be used in feed as it ties the abundance dampness and toxins present in feed. With the presence of abundance dampness and toxins can cause destruction as it creates numerous kinds of organism and poisons that demolish the feed nutrients.

  1. Binds the toxins and mould in the feed & water .
  2. Controls Pathogenic bacteria in the Gut .
  3. Controls pH of water .
  4. Stimulates liver for better digestions and absorption of feed Nutritions.
  5. Improves renal functions.
  6. Purifies the blood.
Usage & Administration
    Through Water: - Regular Use: - 1ml/10Lts of water. .
    Treatment Use: - 1ml/5Lts of Water.
    Through Feed: 250ml-500ml/M.T of feed.

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2019-09-24 06:02:52

Sandeep Chauhan
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2019-09-17 10:08:14

Abdullah khan
Very nice product..effective in poultry.......
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2019-09-17 10:07:57

good products for poultry------------
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2019-09-04 14:59:28

anfotal products are very usefull and quality base....