Quail Iron Tonic
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Quail Iron Tonic

Feton a basic Iron Tonic for poultry birds which is a revolutionary hematinic tonic that contains numerous basic components like Cobalt, copper, biotin and numerous other fundamental acids which in mix gives better health and body development. Iron is an essential part in the body which helps in formation of blood, and improves better health. Deficiencies of iron in body leads to many severe diseases in the body. Feton helps in removing all the iron deficiency from the body and promotes health development.

  1. Increase Blood Formation in body .
  2. Enhance Body Growth .
  3. Maintains and help in formation of red blood cells.
  4. Removes fatty liver and kidney syndrome.
Usage & Administration
For Quail birds .
    10ml/100 birds.

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Sandeep Chauhan
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Abdullah khan
Very nice product..effective in poultry.......
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