Quail Health Tonic
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Quail Health Tonic

Anfaplex an indispensable Vitamin B complex supplement for poultry birds. This vitamin supplement is a blend of different nutrients like B1, B2, B6, B12 and mineral with added advantages of Amino acids. It helps in upgrading better health and development of the body. Vitamins are the building blocks for a body and their insufficiencies in body causes numerous severe infections. With the utilization of Anfaplex, it satisfies the requirement of vitamin complexes that are required by the body. This feed additives benefits a great deal to the body.

  1. Effective avoidance against pyrosis muscular dystrophy .
  2. Increase General Health. .
  3. Ensures alleviation from all sort of stress.
  4. Better Egg Production .
  5. Enhances Body Weight .
Usage & Administration
For Quails
    10ml/100 birds .

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Anfotal Products are so nice.......