Quail Egg Additives
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Quail Egg Additives

Lucanthin is a characteristic as Egg Colorant Supplement which is utilized in poultry and egg laying winged animals to build the wellbeing and shade of eggs. This egg colorant is natural and it contains different compound and fundamental supplements. It is a mixed blend of Astaxanthin, Enzymes and Amino acids. This feed added substances are broadly utilized in egg laying poultry birds or other egg laying birds which improves egg health and colour.

  1. Provide vitamins .
  2. Works as free radical reinforcement.
  3. Improves shading and appearance of egg shells and yolk .
  4. Enhances shade of elaborate shape of egg shells.
  5. Improves health and immunity.
Usage & Administration
For Quail Birds
    10gm/Kg of Feed .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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