Poultry Gout Medicine
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Poultry Gout Medicine

Gout is a major problem in poultry farming which becomes a main cause of death and increased mortality ratio among poultry birds. Generally, gout occurs when there is a problem in excretion of uric acids from the body. It is an end product of protein and purine metabolism. The metabolic process and breakdown happens in the liver and is excreted through kidneys. But in case of birds as they are uricoletic they lack enzymes in the body and they excrete the urine in the form of semi-solid uric acid in the feces. Any blockage or disruption in the metabolic process leads to the formation of of gout. It arises when the production of uric acid is more than the excretion rate or low health of the kidney. It starts accumulating in the kidney in the form of stones. In this case, there is a need for poultry gout medicine which helps in dissolving the uric acid and smooth excretion from the kidney. It contains Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride, Vitamin-C, Citosodine & Halite.

Benefits Of Urocid
  1. Helps in acidifying the urine and dissolve kidney stones. .
  2. Works as acidifiers in poultry. .
  3. Prevents the deposition of urinary and hemorrhages in real microlesion. .
  4. Helps in treating renal inflammation caused by Toxins chemotherapeutics. .
  5. Prevents and control nephrosis.
  6. Helps in recovering stressful condition. .
Usage & Administration
For Prevention of Gout (100 Birds)
    Broilers: - 3ml-5ml for 3 to 5 days .
    Layers: - 5ml-10ml for 5 days.
For Control & Treatment of Gout.
    Broilers: - 5ml-10ml for 3 to 5 days.
    Layers: - 20mll for 5 days .
    Mild Infection: 1ml-2ml/7kg of bird weight.
    Severe Infection: 1ml-2ml/5Kg of Bird Weight.

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