Calcium - A Key Supplement For Better Poultry Health And Eggs

Calcium a vital element in poultry which plays an important role in providing a better health of body and eggs. This is used for the formation of healthy and stronger bones, good egg shells, better immunity and removes stress conditions. An egg laying poultry birds requires a high amount of calcium for a better development of egg shells. In the case of broilers, the growth and development rate depends upon the calcium composition in the feed. When eggs start coming there is a high need of calcium which makes the eggshell hard and smooth which makes them unbreakable. A healthy eggshell contains about 6gms of calcium. Like calcium, there are other vital vitamin and mineral which should be available in the body for better health. Phosphorus and Vitamin D3 are the essential elements like calcium which together works as a stool for a healthy body and their imbalance in the body leads to a severe health condition.

The main source of calcium and other vital nutrients is the feed which is given to them. As we know the eggshell contains about 94% of calcium carbonate. An eggshell takes out more calcium out of the body of an egg-laying bird normally consumed it in a day. But in order to complete this high calcium requirement alone feed is not enough and it requires an external calcium supplement which helps in fulfilling the calcium requirement. Lack of calcium in the body can cause severe diseases and affects health. So for keeping your poultry birds and eggs healthy there is a need for a well-balanced diet with calcium sources. At, Anfotal nutrition we provide the best available chelated calcium for poultry, cattle, livestock, and other different animals and birds. So, if you are waiting for the right poultry calcium supplement for better egg production and health, Neutro CPD Granules and liquid is for you. The Poultry calcium supplement is designed in such a way that can be used easily by poultry birds. It comes in powder and liquid form which makes it easy to consume and it is packed with a high amount of calcium.
There are many health benefits that are associated with it and they are as follows: -