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Poultry Ayurvedic Medicine

Disease are the main constraints of poultry farming. There is use of antibioticswhich helps in removing different kinds of diseases which affects the health of the poultry layer birds. But the recent ban of on the use of antibiotics the use of herbal feed supplement is becoming more popular among farmers and producers. The antibiotics affects the health of humans and they leave harmful residues. The use of herbal poultry feed supplement which contains benefits of different herbs and becomes a new class of poultry feed additives which has properties like anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-fungal as well as immune-modulatory. There are plenty of resources of medicinal herbs that can be used as natural feed additives for poultry. The use of herbal supplement along with the poultry feed helps in enhancing the bird performance, improved feed utilization, health maintenance. These herbs are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly which no Side effects on the body.

These herbs provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative properties which helps in improving the health and the growth of the body and inhibits the growth of diseases in the body. There we use “Anfatone” a herbal poultry supplement which contains all the natural properties of the herbs. With the daily usage of this along with the feed it can provide different nutrients to the body and improves health.

Benefits of Anfatone in Layers:

Helps in curing malnutritional syndrome in the body

  1. Cures non-uniform growth .
  2. Helps in removing general weakness and debility .
  3. Improve consumption of feed for better nutritional value. .
  4. Effective in retarded or slow growth.
  5. Improves production of eggs. .
  6. Oxidative and stress related issues.
Dosages and direction
For Poultry Layers
    10ml-20ml/100 Birds/Day Continuously 5-7 Days in drinking water .

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