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Poultry Layer Blood Purifier Medicine

Blood is the lifeline for a body. It carries all the vital nutrients and mineral to each and every cell of the body for better health and growth. Blood contains various types of nutrients and other elements that help in better functioning of the body. Blood can carry all the things that the body gives either it is nutrients or other harmful toxins. It flows to each and every corner of the body to each cell and tissues and with this, it helps in increasing the health. When the body consumes some harmful things that are not suited by the body the blood gets infected which affects the health. Generally, these harmful things are toxins and molds that are available on those feed and drinking water which gets contaminated due to improper storage od due to some other reasons. When these toxins enter the body, it mixes in the blood and negatively affects the health. The level of damage depends upon the level of toxins that are present in the blood. Toxic blood also affects the different organ of the body. The detoxification process is done in the liver but when toxic blood enters, it also affects the functioning of the liver. We can use toxin binder which binds the incoming toxins from the feed and water. To get rid out of this there is a need for blood purifier and feed acidifier which helps in removing the harmful toxins from the blood. We use “Anfacid” a vital blood purifier medicine which helps in the removal of these harmful toxins from the blood and from the drinking water and feeds too. It is a mixture of Copper Sulphate, Propionic acid, Phosphoric acid, choline chloride, etc which perfectly improves the health and prevents the growth of molds.
Health Benefits
  1. Purifies the blood and remove harmful toxins .
  2. Removes pathogenic bacteria from the gut. .
  3. Maintains the pH balance of the water and improves its quality. .
  4. Stimulates the liver for better digestion and absorption of feed nutrients. .
  5. Improves the renal function. .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    In Drinking Water
    1ml/10Lts of water 5-7 days each month.
    In Feed
    250ml-500ml/metric ton of feed .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .

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