Emu Multivitamins
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Emu Multivitamins

Vitamino Powder a vital feed premix which is a mixture of multi vitamins and trace minerals. This vital vitamin and mineral supplement consist of many elements like vitamin A, D3, B1, C & H and in minerals it consists Calcium, cobalt, Iron, copper which in combination used in enhancing the overall health and growth of the body. This supplement removes all kinds of vitamin and mineral deficiencies from the body and makes disease resistance.

  1. Removes vitamin and mineral deficiency .
  2. Give relief from stress .
  3. Reduce mortality ratio .
  4. Maintains Immunity .
  5. Gives better FCR.
  6. Enhance body health and growth .
Usage & Administration
For Emu Birds
    1Kg per Ton of Feed.

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2019-09-04 14:59:28

Jai Hind
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2019-09-04 14:58:44

Nice products,trusted......
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Anfotal Products are so nice.......
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Amit Jain
Anfotal Products are so nice.......