Emu Egg Enhancer
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Emu Egg Enhancer

Ovimin, is a vital emu feed additive which helps in enhancing the production of eggs and its health. In general, lower egg laying capacity or bad and rough quality of eggs are produced when the health of emu birds is below average. The second important reason is unbalance of vital nutrients and acids. This unbalance condition is caused due to seasonal change or some kind of viral or bacterial attack. To overcome from this symptoms and deficiency “Ovimin” is used to tackle as it contains multivitamins, Minerals, Yeast calcium and ovary stimulating herbs with added advantage of chromium which boost health of the body and increases egg production.

  1. Increases egg production .
  2. Stimulates Ovaries for more egg production .
  3. Increases body weight of birds .
  4. Improves feed intake and its efficiency.
  5. Increases Egg Quality and weight .
  6. Increases Egg Shells thickness .
  7. Improves egg yolk colour & albumen content .
Usage & Administration
For Emu
    750gm to 1kg/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .

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