How to boost egg production in poultry

An egg is an essential food for humans. It provides various vitamins and others that are necessarily required by the body. With the daily consumption of eggs daily makes the human body healthy and fit. These all health depends upon the quality of eggs that we take and the egg quality depends on the egg-laying birds. Poultry birds are the main source of eggs and a fast-growing business which gives you back huge profits. Poultry farming is growing tremendously as poultry birds are in huge demand for their meat and eggs. There are certain things which should be kept in mind if you are thinking to start a poultry farm to raise chicken for eggs and meat. You have a clear knowledge about the production capabilities of folks, their egg production ratio, health, and many other criteria. A poultry bird lay only one egg in a day and in some case it may not lay eggs totally in a day. Laying eggs totally depends on the health and the reproductive system of the egg-laying birds. Normally 25 hour is the time required to form a fully developed egg. A group of egg-laying birds doesn't starts laying eggs on the same day and they don't lay eggs for the same period of time. The level of egg production decreases each year and there are some factors which affect egg production.

There are also some other factors, directly or indirectly affects the health and egg production. The factors like age, feed consumption, diseases, intensity and duration of light affects the production. In this age and nutrition is the major factor in the production of eggs. Improper nutrition over a certain period of time decreases the egg-laying capacity. Improper nutrition like an imbalanced level of protein, calcium, energy is some of the factors. An egg laying bird gives more eggs at the beginning of their life, but after some days or year, their eggs production rates significantly decreases. With an increase in age, their body organ gets weak due to some kind of diseases or stress which affects the egg production.

There are several ways which are very useful in maintaining the level of production and health. These factors play a major role which increases health and egg production.

In these, the main thing which boost health and egg production is the best feed and poultry medicine. Providing them with the best feed and its supplement increases overall health. These feed supplements must contain a balanced percentage of proteins, vitamins, minerals carbohydrates and other vital elements that are required by the body. An additional poultry feed supplement is also used which enhances the nutrients level of the feed and also fulfill the nutrients requirement of the body which boost overall health and egg production.

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