Duck Liver Supplement
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Duck Liver Supplement

With the rise in poultry farming, the profits become marginal because of the increasing rate of poultry feeding ingredients. It now becomes a core issue in enhancing farm productivity and the utilization of the feed. The better utilization of the feed is achieved by the liver which is an important organ that helps in stimulating and metabolizing different activities of the body. Other than this it helps in better digestion and proper feed utilization of the feed. Better functionality of liver results in better health and growth of the body. Being a center of a number of digestive, metabolic and productive issue, it gets affected by different chemical toxins and stress which affects its function to a large degree that results in poor health and production. Toxin binder for ducks and duck stress reliever supplement are used which helps in removing the harmful toxins and stress from the body. This busiest organ involves many activities like detoxification, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and iron metabolism and Erythropoiesis. In these processes, the liver suffers many problems and a healthy liver helps to ensure a healthy bird and therefore this organ needs proper care and nutrients for its better function. Herbal Liver Tonic and Liver Supplement are available which helps in enhancing the functionality of the liver in Ducks. We use “Anfaheap” a vital duck liver supplement which ensures better functioning of the liver and promotes healthy growth.

  1. Hepato-protective formula which can be used in all conditions .
  2. Helps in increasing the formation of RBC .
  3. Regenerates damaged hepatocytes .
  4. Prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  5. Improves feed conversion ratio and efficiency .
  6. Enhance fertility and hatchability.
Usage & Administration
For Duck
    Regular use: 500gm/ton of feed.
    Treatment Use: 1kg/ton of feed for 7 days.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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