Duck Calcium Supplement
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Duck Calcium Supplement

Calcium is an essential supplement which is required for all animals and birds for their better health and growth to them. This vital calcium supplement benefits in many ways as it is used for good egg shells and stronger bones. For this the calcium source is feed but today feed is not so sufficient to provide all the calcium requirement. So, there is a need of external calcium supplement which provides the desired calcium requirement to the body and removes calcium deficiency from the body. Calavian forte, a vital chelated organic calcium supplement which helps in keeping your poultry birds healthy.

  1. Faster Growth & better body weight .
  2. Higher egg production & improved quality .
  3. Removes Calcium deficiency.
  4. Helps rickets osteomalacia.
  5. Cures Leg weakness.
Usage & Administration
For Ducks

    20ml/100 birds.
    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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