Broiler Vitamin Premix
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Broiler Vitamin Premix

Poultry premix are additional feed additives that are used in poultry formulation which provide an effective health and growth. These premixes contain various poultry trace minerals and multivitamin which are used among poultry birds for a better poultry farming. These premixes are designed to provide all the nutritional value to the body. Any deficiency of vitamin and minerals in the body can cause severe health related problems and lowers the productivity.
There we need “Compfeed-B” an essential broiler feed premix which is used in poultry formulation which provide all kinds of vital minerals and nutrition to the body for better health and productivity. This feed premix contains various types of vitamins and trace minerals with antioxidant which improves body organ function which strengthen health and growth.

  1. Improves health and growth .
  2. Prevents and control vitamin deficiency .
  3. Improves Immunity .
  4. Better FCR .
  5. Decrease Mortality Ratio .
  6. Improves FCR and growth.
Usage & Administration
    Regular use: 2.5Kg per ton of Broiler Feed .

    Or, as directed by Veterinarian consultant.

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