Broiler Multivitamin
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Broiler Multivitamin

Vitamins are essential elements in poultry which provide an extra help in achieving better health and growth along with other health benefits. Vitamins are a group of organic compounds that are required in small quantities for poultry. Despite the requirement of low levels, it is essential for normal body function like growth, reproduction etc. Any kind of deficiency of vitamins in the body leads to different health related problems and can give rise to many diseases or syndrome. In these there are some vitamin compounds that are essentially needed. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E are some of them. These are used to maintain good health, optimum egg production and proper nerve transmission.
There we need external multivitamin supplement for poultry which lowers the risk of vitamin deficiency and promotes better health. Anfaboost Vitamin AD3E+C is an essential multi vitamin supplement which contains all the essential vitamin that are needed.

  1. Achieve Faster Growth .
  2. Increase Weight .
  3. Makes Bones stronger.
  4. Increase Appetite.
  5. Stimulates Metabolism.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (100 Birds) .
    Growers & Broilers: - 3ml-5ml.
    Layers: - 5ml-7ml.
    Chicks: - 2ml-3ml.

    Or as directed by veterinarian consultants

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