Poultry Water Sanitizer

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Poultry Gut Medicines

Anfacid is an essential water sanitizer and gut acidifiers for poultry breeders which clean the water and removes the toxins and other harmful bacteria from guts. These toxins are harmful bacteria and pathogens which invades the body and lowers the overall body health and growth. It also lowers the functioning of the other organs that are present in the body. For this, there is a need for gut acidifiers and toxin binders which removes all the toxins and harmful bacteria from the guts. Anfacid helps in this situation as it is has a composition of Copper Sulphate, Propionic acid, Phosphoric acid, choline chloride etc which perfectly improves the health of gut which ultimately improves the health. It also improves the pH level of water by which it maintains the blood circulations.

  1. Binds the toxins and mould in the feed & water .
  2. Controls Pathogenic bacteria in the Gut .
  3. Controls pH of water .
  4. Stimulates liver for better digestions and absorption of feed Nutritions .
  5. Improves renal functions .
  6. Purifies the blood.
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
Through Drinking Water
    Regular use: 1ml/10Litre of Water.
    Treatment: 1ml/5Litre of Water .
Through Feed

    250ml-500ml/M.T of feed continuously .

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