Poultry chelated Calcium
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Brolier Calcium Supplement

Calcium is an important and most vital element which helps in better health and improves weigh gain in chicken. The calcium helps in providing a stronger bones and skeletal system and improve the nerve response. In young and growing chicks, the need of calcium is very much high because it is important for better body growth, skeletal formation and stronger bones. Calcium is mainly achieved by the poultry feed which provide all the nutritional value to the body like vitamins, minerals etc. for better body function and health. For better availability of calcium there we need external source of liquid calcium supplement along with the feed which helps in fulfilling the calcium requirement.
In this we use “Calci Chick” a special calcium formulation especially for young growing chicks that contains calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, vitamin D3, vitamin B12 for better health and growth. Proper availability of calcium in the body cures osteomalacia, leg weakness, anemia, lameness etc.

  1. Faster Growth .
  2. Better Body Weight .
  3. Better Immunity .
  4. Better FCR .
  5. Higher Egg Production and Better Egg Quality .
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
    Starters: 10ml-20ml/100 Birds .
    Finishers: 25ml-50ml/100 Birds.

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