Poultry Multivitamin
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Poultry Multivitamin

Vitamin an essential supplement and plays an important role in body for improving health and growth. It helps the organ to work normally and maintains the metabolic activity. Lack of vitamin in the body cause deficiency and leads to some various chronic diseases. In order to overcome from vitamin deficiency, we have to take a proper diet which contains all the vitamins which can fulfil the body vitamin needs. If feed is unable to provide the required amount of vitamin we use supplement to recover it. Vitamin AD3E, an essential vitamin supplement composed of main three types of vitamin A, D3 & E which helps in proper health and growth to the body.

  1. Helps in Faster Growth.
  2. Increases Weight .
  3. Removes Vitamin Deficiency .
  4. Increase bone strength .
  5. Increase Appetite .
  6. Regulates Metabolism .
Usage & Administration
For Breeder (100 Birds)
    3ml-5ml .

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