Poultry Iron Tonic
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Poultry Iron Tonic

Feton is an essential iron tonic for poultry birds which is a revolutionary hematinic tonic. This vital supplement consists of many vital essential elements like cobalt, copper, biotin and many other essential acids which in combination provides better health and growth. Iron is an essential mineral in the body which boost body health and growth. Apart from this it regulates and metabolize various function of the body. Lack of iron in the body can cause various diseases in the body. To recover from this and to provide iron to your poultry you must give feed which is high in iron.

  1. Increase Blood Formation . .
  2. Enhance Body Growth .
  3. Maintains red blood cells .
  4. Helps in formation of red blood cells . .
  5. Removes Fatty liver and Kidney Syndrome .
Usage & Administration
For Breeders (100 Birds)

    Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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