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Poultry Calcium Supplement

Calcium is a basic supplement in the diet of breeders which supports healthy and strong bones with better skeletal development. Poultry Breeder birds need calcium in large amount which is used for the formation of hard and even surfaced eggshells. When the calcium amount becomes low in the body there seems a weakness in muscles or paralysis. This leads to an unhealthy body and its growth. There are other circumstances which disrupt the level of Calcium. Metabolic disturbance increases the pH of the blood which causes a low availability. Electrolyte imbalance is another reason for this calcium deficiency. It is very important to remove all these stress and electrolyte imbalance by using poultry electrolytes and stress reliver which aids in recovering the calcium. Other than this we externally use calcium supplements to recover calcium deficiencies from the body. Calfarm is one of the calcium supplementations for poultry which is a combination of chelated calcium.

  1. Faster Growth & better body weight .
  2. Higher egg production & improved quality .
  3. Removes Calcium deficiency .
  4. Helps to recover from rickets,osteomalacia .
  5. Cures Leg weakness.
Usage & Administration
For Breeders
    10ml Daily.

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