Turkey Toxin Binder
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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I need this product
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Good Products For Poultry
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this product is very nice

Turkey Toxin Binder

Toxins are generally refers to the metabolite products that are formed from fungus and moulds, bacteria or viruses. They are present all over the environment and commonly occurs in the poultry feed like grains or forages. There are some types of moulds that can produce mycotoxins and can be formed on the feed or crop during harvesting, Improper storage or feeding. Mycotoxin can cause a toxic response to the poultry birds and affects poultry farming.Significant economic losses can occur due to the presence of toxins and it is associated with their impact on poultry health and productivity. Some of the major problems associated with this are poor feed conversion, feed refusal, diminished body weight, reproductive disorders and immune suppression.

To way back to normal health and to get rid out this mycotoxin we use “Protox” as toxin binder which significantly binds the toxins that are available in the feed. It contains MOS, bacillus subtilis, liver extracts, activated charcoal which significantly binds the toxins present on the feed with disturbing the nutrients of the feed. Along with this toxin binder we use turkey feed enzyme which help in better digestion and absorption of the feed nutrients into the gut and the probiotics present in this enzymes promotes better health of the gut by removing pathogens and destroying the colonies of harmful bacteria and make place for good bacteria which all together improves the overall health and growth of the turkey.

  1. Manages the toxins to control broad spectrum of moulds and toxins present in feed.
  2. High Efficacy towards polar and non-polar mycotoxins. .
  3. Effectively prevents the growth of moulds in the feed.
  4. Improves liver function and prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  5. Controls excess moisture in feed and removes bad bacteria.
Usage & Administration
    Regular Use: - 500gm-1kg/ton of feed .
    Treatment Use: - 2kg/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.