Quail Immunity Booster
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Quail Immunity Medicine

Growth is a priority trait in poultry farming where the eyes are stucked in the growth and body weight. The farming of quails is gearing up as they are small, less expensive than farming of chickens or turkeys. The rapid growth is usually associated with fitness of the body and proper functioning of the body organ. Commercially the fast-growing quails are more profitable but it requires resources. The resource which are needed are proper utilization of the feed which maintains a nutritional value in the body. But there are many threats which can affect the growing health. Stress and low immunity are one of them. Stress can be considered as environmental factor which restricts the growth and reproduction of an organism and cause adverse effect on the health. The exposure of organism in stressful condition can reduce the immunity which affect the growth of the body.

However, using stress reliever and immunity booster supplement can help in this to a great extent. With the use of poultry feed additives we can significantly helps in removing stress and can improve the immunity for better development of health and growth. We use “Seletonic” as immunity booster supplement and stress reliever in quail farming as it contains selenium and Vitamin E which are effective in managing these conditions.

“Seletonic” is one of the best immunity booster supplement and anti-stress medicine which contains power of vitamin E and selenium with natural immunity booster supplement. With the use of Seletonic along with the feed can helps in improving immunity which provides many health benefits to the body.

Benefits of Sele Tonic:
  1. Helps in improving the immunity for better health and growth. .
  2. Provide strength and vitality to quails. .
  3. Works as anti-stress medicine and reduce stress during deworming, vaccination, transportation.
  4. Effective in crazy chick disease, exudative diathesis & muscular dystrophy.
Usage & Administration
For Quails
    2ml-5ml /100Birds .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.