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I want 20Kg 5bag
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I need this product
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Good Products For Poultry
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Quail Herbal Medicine

Anfatone, is a natural and a herbal medicine which is used as a supplement for quail birds in their feed which helps in removing all kinds of diseases and symptoms. This ayurvedic supplementation is helpful in removing out all kinds of health-related disorders and diseases from the body. There are many vulnerable diseases that are always available for influencing the young and growing quails. Once these birds get affected by diseases the health start decreasing day by day. There are many known groups of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria who are the main reasons for these kinds of diseases and an unhealthy body. Its symptoms show "Mal-absorption Syndrome" "Pale Bird Syndrome" "Slow Growth" etc which are the most common. These viruses and bacteria cause death and an increased mortality ratio in quail birds. To overcome from these problems there is a need for perfect medication with better quail feed supplements that helps in making body disease resistance by providing various vitamins and minerals. Also, many herbal medications are also available that works very effectively in removing these. Anfatone is one the best herbal medicines which is composed of many herbs like Ashwagandha, VitisVinifera, Vidarikand, kaunch, Amla, Manjith, VarahiKandetc which provides better health and a diseases free body. The use of herbs is practice for a long time before. The herbal treatment are nowadays getting more attention worldwide and it is commercially used in poultry farming, livestock sectors. It is intensively reared in the area of development especially in the area of nutrition, controlling diseases, genetic improvement and management of dietary content. With the rising demand of meat and egg the poultry sector badly needs herbal treatment to tackle healthy growth and protect themselves from pathogens. These herbal supplement are sustainable as they are totally based on herbs and full of advantage like low cost, easy availability, no residual effect and free from antibiotic threat.

Health Benefits

With the ingredients in Anfatone, it is best used for .

  1. Mal-absorption symptoms .
  2. Slow or abnormal body growth and body development.
  3. General body weakness and debility.
  4. Poor Feed Intake.
  5. Used for oxidative as well as stress related symptoms.
  6. Increase folk’s production and productivity.
Dosages and direction
For Quail Birds
    10ml-20ml/100 Birds/Day Continuously 5-7 Days in drinking water .

    Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

    Anfatone offers an Ayurvedic solution that helps in providing a superior control over nutritional anaemia as well as for a non-uniform folk growth. In some cases, it provides relief from dehydration and increases productivity and performance.