Quail Liver Tonic
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2022-08-14 10:48:45

I want 20Kg 5bag
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2021-07-20 06:22:21

Moheswar Basumatary
I need this product
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2021-03-10 16:10:40

Sankar Jaiswal
Good Products For Poultry
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2021-04-15 16:10:15

Alok Kumar
this product is very nice

Quail Liver Tonic

Anfaliv, a fundamental liver tonic made with advance liver protective formula which contains different components like Chlorine chloride, biotin, different mixes of vitamins which makes it perfect Poultry Medicine and liver tonic for better health and development. It enhances the liver capacity and makes it free from illnesses. Liver Plays an essential job in health and development. It secretes different sorts of hormones and proteins which manages the body work. Unfortunate or terrible liver condition influences body capacity and development. With the best liver supplement and tonic, a wide range of inadequacy can be expelled effortlessly and capacity of body organs returned on track and advances wellbeing and development.

  1. Increase Body Health and development .
  2. Prevent Liver Diseases .
  3. Boost Liver Function .
  4. Better FCR and feed effectiveness .
  5. Increase Fertility .
  6. Works as an adjuvant to anti-microbial treatment.
Usage & Administration
For Quail
    10ml/100 birds .