Quail Gout Medicine
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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I need this product
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Good Products For Poultry
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this product is very nice

Quail Gout Medicine

"Urocid" is an incredible poultry medicine for renal disorders and gout sickness. Gout is a turmoil in which stones are gathered in kidneys and influences the normal health and working of kidney. Uric acid is the main reason for the accumulation of stones. It is a finished result of protein and discharged from kidneys. To breakdown of uric acids, proteins and enzymes are utilized as it is insoluble in water and when birds lacks in these enzymes there is no further breakdown of uric acids and it began amassing in the kidney as stones. The end goal is to fix this illness and for this Urocid is utilized as it is a blend of sodium hydrogen, carbonate ammonium chloride, nutrient C, cytosine and halite which helps in the breakdown of these stones.

  1. Acidifies urine and helps in dissolving kidney stones .
  2. Prevents the renal mass function. .
  3. Prevents urinary deposits and haemorrhages microlesion.
  4. Give relief from renal inflammation caused by toxins.
  5. Prevents and control nephrosis and chick nephropathy.
  6. Urocid helps the birds to overcome various stress conditions and help normal functioning of kidneys.
Usage & Administration
    For Prevention of Gout:-3ml-5ml/100 Birds/ Day For 3-5 Days.
    For Control of Gout:- 5ml-10ml/100 birds/ Day for 5-7 Days.