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Quail Digestant

Quail Digestant

Anfavit fluid a fundamental poultry supplement which is made out of mixed blend of different herbal concentrates of berberis aristate, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare with included favorable position of fortified vitamins. With every one of these herbs it frames the state of natural herbal growth promoter supplement for poultry. It additionally it works as immunity booster and as a CRD medications for poultry. It helps in expanding better health and body development.

  1. Prevents and control of Diarrhoea .
  2. Prevention and control of CRD disease in poultry .
  3. Improves FCR.
  4. Improves Survivability rates.
  5. Reduces Stress.
  6. Quick recovery .
Usage & Administration
For Quails
    10ml/ 2Lts of drinking water. .