Poultry Multivitamin
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2022-08-14 10:48:45

I want 20Kg 5bag
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2021-07-20 06:22:21

Moheswar Basumatary
I need this product
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2021-03-10 16:10:40

Sankar Jaiswal
Good Products For Poultry
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2021-04-15 16:10:15

Alok Kumar
this product is very nice

Poultry Multivitamin

In poultry farming vitamins and minerals are required for an economical solution and high production. Other than this there are calcium and minerals which also helps in enhancing the productivity. Adequate amount of these nutrients in the body provides a better health, growth and productivity. Anfaboost Vitamin AD3E Premium is an excellent poultry multivitamin supplement which helps in enhancing the growth and removes all kind of vitamin deficiency from the body. Deficiency of these from the body leads to different health related problems and lowers the productivity. Today the poultry farming has advanced the demand of chicken rises up where growth and health becomes an important factor and to avail this the need of vitamin and mineral has increased excessively. Use Anfaboost Vitamin AD3E Premium an excellent source of vitamin which contains all the vital vitamins which are most important for better health. It is a unique combination of Vitamin A, D3 & E which boost immunity, growth, increases appetite and stimulates the metabolism. Other than vitamin we can also use Neutro CPD Liquid as poultry liquid calcium

  1. Achieve Faster Growth.
  2. Increase Weight .
  3. Removes Vitamin Deficiency .
  4. Increase bone strength .
  5. Increase Appetite .
  6. Stimulates Metabolism .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (100 Birds)
    Growers and broilers: - 3ml to 5ml .
    Layer: - 5ml-7ml .
    Chicks: - 2ml-3ml .