Poultry Feed Enzymes
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Poultry Feed Enzymes

The use of poultry feed enzymes in poultry feed is becoming a norm which help in overcoming from the bad effects of antinutritional factor and improve the digestion process for better digestion of the poultry feed and its component in order to increase the bird performance. Enzymes are effective catalyst which are capable of accelerating chemical processes in the body. One of the unique features of enzymes is their high substrate-specificity and each enzyme helps in breaking down complex specific substrate at a specific reaction time. To get the full benefit from the enzyme it is necessary to choose the enzyme on the basis of substrates which is used as ingredients in poultry feed formulation. The reaction rate of the feed enzyme is directly proportional to the concentration of the feed enzymes and it increases with increasing concentration of the enzymes. Poultry bird secretes different types of enzymes in their body but they are not so much capable in breaking complex elements which is being undigested and excreted out from the body which has an antinutritive effect on the body. In this situation there is need to improve the digestion of the substrates that are undigested for which we use external feed enzymes along with the feed. Anfazyme premium is a widely used poultry feed enzyme which is a most researched feed additive and can be used among all kinds of poultry birds like broiler, layer, breeder. This single feed enzymes contains many essential enzymes like phytase, glycanases with other most important enzymes that helps in the breakdown of the complex molecular structure in the feed for a nutritive body. It targets digestion of viscous cereals like (wheat, barley), nonviscous cereals like (corn, sorghum) and noncereal like (soybean meal, grain legumes etc). The combined effect of feed and poultry feed enzyme (Anfazyme Premium) helps in enhancing the digestion process, health and performance. One of the main features of Anfazyme Premium is that it contains probiotics which inhibits the growth of different pathogens and bacteria in the gut that affects the digestion and health. It is essentially needed in broiler and layer birds as broiler feed enzymes and layer feed enzymes () because these two poultry species are commercially farmed in large number for their meat and eggs.

Benefits Of Anfazyme Premium:
  1. Provides flexibility in the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed.
  2. Improves feed efficiency .
  3. Improves flock and production uniformity .
  4. Improves litter quality .
  5. Reduces sticky and loose droppings .
  6. Controls risks of dirty eggs, breast blisters etc.
  7. Improves FCR and Growth .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Broilers: - 350gm-500gm/ton of feed .
    Breeders: - 750gm-1kg/ton of feed .
    Layers: - 350gm-400gm/ton of feed .