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Poultry Egg Enhancer

Poultry Egg Enhancer

For a better production of the egg there is a need for an exceptional feed additive for poultry egg laying birds that improves the generation of eggs and also boosts their health and development of the egg. Ovimin, an extraordinary poultry feed supplementthat enhances the production and quality of eggs. It also promotes the overall health and growth of the poultry birds along with egg production. The Low amount of egg production is caused because of the low health state of the poultry birds. Their bad health condition is because of the low quantity of feed intake which leads to an imbalance of vital vitamins, minerals with other nutrients. Also, there is one main reason for the bad health is the feed which is affected by toxins that impact the egg production and health. These toxins destroy the nutrients in the feed and ultimately affects the health which lowers the quality and quantity of eggs production. An unhealthy body produce a low amount of eggs and these eggs may be broken or they have thin eggshells. To overcome from these circumstances there is a need for better health and external egg enhancing supplement which improves the body health and production of eggs. "Ovimin" is outstanding amongst other eggs improving enhancement which is a profoundly particular mix for an ideal generation. Its formulation contains a standard definition of Multivitamins, minerals, yeast, calcium, and ovary stimulating herbs which enhance the wellbeing and lift the generation of eggs. There are other many supplements which increases the health of egg laying birds and they are poultry liver tonic poultry calcium supplement, vitamin supplement which in combination increases the overall body health.

Health Benefits
  1. Increases the production of eggs in egg laying birds. .
  2. Stimulates the ovaries with the stimulating herbs for a better quality of egg production .
  3. Increases health and body weight .
  4. Enhances the quantity of feed intake for better and healthy egg production .
  5. Improves the eggshell thickness .
  6. Improves the colouring of egg yolk and albumen content.
Dosages and Direction
For Breeder
    17th week to 38th week: 500gm/ton of feed .
    During the entire laying period: - 750gm to 1kg/ton of feed.