Poultry CRD Medicine
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Poultry CRD Medicine

Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) is one of the most common diseases caused in poultry which affect poultry farming. It is caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum bacteriaand it affects majorly the respiratory system. This bacteria spreads via eggs, air transmission, infected flocks or via bird transportation containers. In starting phase of effect, it shows a few indications of its presence until the affected bird are stressed sufficiently to sign of respiratory diseases. In adult birds though infection rates are high and the mortality rates varies. Other diseases that have similar sign are Coryza, Infectious bronchitis, fowl cholera.
Visible Sign of CRD:
  1. Coughing
  2. Nasal discharge
  3. Poor productivity
  4. Slow growth
  5. Reduced hatchability and chick viability
  6. Reduction in hatchability and chick viability.
To prevent the CRD in poultry there are many available antibiotics and crd medicine which can effectively control this. It is also essential to reduce the stress in order to manage this disease. There is available stress reliever supplement which manages stress. We use Anfavit Liquid as Poultry CRD medicine which is a herbal immunomodulator and contains potent blended mixture of Herbal extracts of Berberis Aristata, VitisVinifera, origanum vulgare with vitamins which is effective in controlling CRD in poultry.

At the time of arrival of the chicks into the poultry farm the management should be addressed. Firstly ensure that the birds are free from the bacteria “Mycoplasma gallisepticum”. All the drinkers are feeders are to be cleaned and ensure the nutrition and flock dynamics (size, age, heath etc) are in optimal state. The poultry farm should be clean and ventilated. Any accumulation of dust, manure, leads to common diseases in poultry.

Benefits Of Anfavit Liquid:
  1. This Anfavit Liquid (Herbal Immunomodulator)prevents and controls diarrhea which is caused due to bacterial infection .
  2. Helps in controlling Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) in poultry .
  3. Also help in reducing the stress level which slows down the risk of CRD .
  4. Improve the survivability rate and aids quick recovery from the diseases. .
  5. Improves FCR. .
  6. Quick recovery .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Chicks/ Grower / Layers: - 10ml/2Lts of water .
    In Prevention of CRD:

    100ml per 1000 birds regularly.
    In Controlling of CRD:
    100ml per 100 birds.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.