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Poultry CRD Medicine

Poultry CRD Medicine

CRD (Chronic respiratory disease) a common disease caused in poultry with a bacteria named as “Mycoplasma gallisepticum” which affect the respiratory system. Symptoms of CRD can be noticed easily as there is Mild lesions, Coughing, sneezing, reduced growth rate, difficulty in breathing. These can be cured with Anfavit liquid a highly recommended poultry supplement which consist various herbal extracts of berberis aristate, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare with added advantage of fortified vitamins. These herbs and vitamins work as immunity booster and also as a CRD medicines for poultry and helps in increasing better health and growth.

  1. Prevents and control of Diarrhoea .
  2. Prevention and control of CRD disease in poultry .
  3. Improves FCR .
  4. Improves Survivability rates .
  5. Reduces Stress .
  6. Quick recovery .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Chicks/ Grower / Layers: - 10ml/2Lts of water .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.