Poultry Liver Supplement
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Poultry Liver Supplement

Poultry birds are commercially farmed for their meat and egg. These birds are the cheapest source of meat & egg by which many people are engaged in this poultry farming. For sustainable farming and to get quality products from them there are two important factor that should be addressed to ensure a healthy flock of chickens are management and environment. A healthy chicken consumes less amount of feed and produce more amount of meat and eggs. A low level of management in the poultry farm give rise to many health-related problems and it caused due to poor quality of feed and water, poor hygiene, insects etc. which directly affects the health and growth. One of the main problems which commonly occurs in layer birds is the problem in liver. The liver is the main organ which stimulate and metabolize different organs of the body for better health. Fatty liver is one of the most common problem that is associated with the liver. It is caused due to the malnutrition or due to the intake of toxin. The affected liver becomes friable, swollen due to the accumulation of fat in the organ. The risk of liver hemorrhages increases which increase the mortality ratio in layers. Also, the poultry feed which has high level of proteins can converted into excessive fatty acid synthesis in the liver and slows the health and growth of the body and can cause severe health related issue and cause severe economic loss.


In layer birds the egg laying capacity, egg weight, low intake of feed and low fcr can be seen. In this condition if the egg which are produced are dirty, shell-less or broken. We use “Anfahep” an essential poultry liver powder which consist of DL-methionine, L-lysine, Inositol, Biotin, Vitamin E which all together helps in enhancing the health of the liver. It is a hepato protective formula which can be used in all condition and helps in improving the health condition of the liver. Along with this we can also use poultry toxin binder which helps in binding the toxins that are present on the feed and water.

Benefits of Anfahep:
  1. It is a hepato protective formula which can be used among all general condition.
  2. Helps in preventing liver disease which is caused due to fat metabolism and helps in regenerating damaged hepatocytes. .
  3. Helps in increasing egg production and enhance body weight. .
  4. Improves feed efficiency and promotes better body weight. .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Regular use 500gm/ton of feed .
    Treatment Use 1kg/ton of feed for 7 days.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .