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Layer Iron Tonic

Layer Iron Tonic

Iron is an essential trace mineral element that is required by all living organism for several metabolic process including blood formation, transportation of oxygen and synthesis of DNA. It is widely spread over all kind of feed. The concentration and availability of iron varies with source and concentration. In body the iron is mainly found in the hemoglobin. Iron deficiency is the single leading nutritional deficiency which can cause anemia, poor absorption of nutrients and loss of blood formation. In poultry farming the requirement of iron is fulfilled by the poultry feed which also helps in providing different nutrients like Cu, Zn, Mn, etc. which are essential for a better commercial poultry farming.
To get rid out of the iron deficiency there is a need of poultry iron tonic which can be used along with the feed which helps in removing the iron deficiency from the body. We use “Feton” as a poultry hematinic iron tonic which significantly helps in recovering iron deficiency and reduces the risk of anemia and other iron deficiency problems. It is a unique combination of ferric ammonium citrate, cobalt chloride, biotin, folic acids and other different elements.

  1. Increase Blood Formation .
  2. Enhance Body Growth .
  3. Maintains red blood cells .
  4. Helps in formation of red blood cells.
  5. Removes Fatty liver and Kidney Syndrome .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (1000 Birds)
    Chicks: - 50ml .
    Growers: - 100ml .
    Broilers: - 150ml .
    Layers: - 150ml .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.