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Anfatone, herbal poultry medicine for different kinds of diseases and syndrome in poultry layers birds. There are many enteric diseases which are ready for affecting the young poultry layers birds. With this, the health and growth of them started decreasing gradually. A group of diseases is common in them which is known as “Viral Enteritis” but diseases with the similar sign are reported. It includes “Malabsorption Syndrome” “Pale Bird Syndrome” “Infectious Stunting” “Coccidiosis” etc. These are the bane for poultry industry which causes considerable economin loss. Virus, bacteria, protozoa etc are the main microorganism which is behind this theme. Eimeria species are widely known parasites which cause morbidity and death in poultry. In addition to this, there are many natural and herbal products are emerging which helps in removing these symptoms and syndrome for better health and development of the body. “Anfatone” is one of the ayurvedic medicinal solutions for these types of symptoms and diseases. It is a herbal mixture of Ashwagandha, Vitis Vinifera, Vidarikand, kaunch, Amla, Manjith, Varahi Kand etc which provides better health and a diseases free body.

Health Benefits

Based on the Herbal constitution, it is best used for

  1. Mal-absorption syndrome .
  2. General body weakness and debility .
  3. Poor Feed consumption. .
  4. Improves Egg Production.
  5. Used for oxidative as well as stress related issues .
Dosages and direction
For Poultry Layers
    10ml-20ml/100 Birds/Day Continuously 5-7 Days in drinking water .