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2022-08-14 10:48:45

I want 20Kg 5bag
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2021-07-20 06:22:21

Moheswar Basumatary
I need this product
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2021-03-10 16:10:40

Sankar Jaiswal
Good Products For Poultry
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2021-04-15 16:10:15

Alok Kumar
this product is very nice

Layer Growth Promoter

Anfagrow Plus an essential growth promoter supplement for poultry layer birds which helps in enhancing the body growth and health. Growth in poultry plays an important role as they provide a significant profit. In some decades there is a significant growth in poultry farming from small to large scale industries. Poultry birds are farmed for their meat and eggs and their demands are always on peak. For fulfilling the demand, the growth becomes an important factor. Better health and growth are achieved by implementing different growth strategies and disease prevention method. But also, there is risk of pathogens that are present in unorganized poultry farm which negatively affect the growth which triggers the use of antibiotics which cost a lot and reduces the profits. For achieving better growth without the use of antibiotics we need natural growth promoter supplements which cost low and provide significant results. These are the substances that are added along with the feed which increases the response towards potential host and improves the feed conversion ratio.
Anfagrow plus, is one of the natural growth promoter supplements for poultry which consists of essential amino acids, proteins and trace minerals for better health and weight gain. It cost low than antibiotic treatment. And improves fertility and reduces mortality ratio among poultry birds.

  1. Better Health and growth .
  2. Faster Weight Gain .
  3. Improves Feed Conversion Ratio .
  4. Better Fertility and Hatchability
  5. Decreases mortality ratio.
  6. Removes Vitamin deficiency.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (1000 birds):- Broiler: - 150ml
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.