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Layer Liquid Calcium

Layer Liquid Calcium

Calcium is an important and the most vital element which helps in enhancing a better health and growth. It is also needed for the production of good eggshell, immunity and improves the nerve response. Better availability of calcium in the body promotes better skeletal development and improves bone strength. When there is low level of calcium in the body there is a need of external source of calcium for chickens that removes the calcium deficiency and promotes a better health and growth to the body.
There we need Neutro CPD Liquid a vital poultry liquid calcium which helps in removing all types of calcium deficiency from the body of chickens as it contains Calcium lactate, Vitamin D3, Calcium gluconate, Vitamin B12 for effective result. Neutro CPD also helps in curing leg weakness, lameness, anemia, stunted growth and low egg production

  1. Prevents thinning of egg shells.
  2. Prevents Rickets, osteomalacis, anaemia, leg weakness .
  3. Enhance Egg Production .
  4. Improves body weight and growth .
  5. Increase health and activeness.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (100 Birds)
    Chicks & Growers 10ml-20ml .
    Layers 20ml-25ml
    Broilers 25ml-30ml .

    Or, as directed by Veterinarian consultant .